‘We just can’t believe our luck’: 5 Hyde Park residents on moving into a house with fully functioning electricity and water

A truly seminal case.

When five students at the University of Leeds rushed to sign their second year house before Christmas 2017, they didn’t suspect anything out of the ordinary.

But what they found when they arrived was unprecedented in the world of Hyde Park student rentals.

After moving in to what they proudly hailed the ‘most burgled street in Leeds’, the friends were astonished to find that not only did the house have fully functioning electricity, but running water with enough pressure to reach as far as Theo’s attic shower.

The Whip caught up with the fortuitous five for an exclusive interview. Lead tenant Hetty had this to say:

“We feel like we’ve won the lottery. I plugged my Nutri-Bullet in for a laugh and was completely stunned to find that it actually worked! I blended a whole hock of ham out of sheer excitement!”

She went on:

“We thought we’d have to use the battery from Nina’s Fiat 500 to power the decks for our ‘Risqué Raj’ themed party in November – we never even dreamed we’d be able to use the power from the walls!”

One resident, Tim, felt so humbled by the experience that he’s rediscovered his relationship with Christ.

“I’ve decided we can’t let a blessing like this go to waste. We need to use this gift that’s been bestowed upon us to spread joy and happiness. Thus, we have decided to remove the password from our Wifi and allow all those who wish to connect to BTHub5-QCTW to surf the web free of charge. I’ll also be holding baptisms in the bath.”

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