Wow! This AMAZING third year house comes with most of the beds, free loose plaster and mould to spare!

The Whip and Flatline are delighted to bring you a marvellous property to rent in the ever-desirable Redland area. The delightful terraced home boasts six bedrooms, four beds and ants.  

We know that our Bristol renters have a love for all things vintage and antique, and you’re in luck! The previous tenants have kindly left behind a plethora of empty nos canisters, cigarette butts and an odour of defrosting self-esteem.

We’re also pleased to announce that the property is equipped with a two-year mould guarantee in every north-facing space: the foliage gathers in the corners and crevices of everywhere to bring the nature inside.

With a 4:6 bed-to-tenant ratio, Flatline is encouraging housemates to abandon the years of friendship forged up to now and embark on new, anxiety-inducing sexual relationships guaranteed to have you treading on egg shells all year!

This is also a rare opportunity for UoB girls who are looking to expand their dirty, earthy Instagram aesthetic into the residential sphere.