Second year experiences ‘cultural enlightenment’ after buying one pack of Wotsits from Abu Bakr

“Most of the packaging isn’t in English which is obviously really cool too”

Second year student Arabella Bogden-Smythe yesterday approached The Whip to express the delight felt after her first trip to Asian convenience store Abu Bakr.

The Hyde Park resident described her experience of grabbing an 89p grab-bag of Wotsits en route to uni as “amazing and insightful, if not life-changing.” 

We caught up with the dewy-eyed Arabella on Monday evening to find out more.

“I was immediately flabbergasted when I walked through those sliding doors. I felt like I’d literally travelled 3,375 miles and was in Saudi Arabia. Fresh fruit, exotic veg, herbs and spices that I’d never seen before! Have you ever heard of turmeric?! It’s a yellow you just don’t get in Hampshire. Most of the packaging isn’t in English which I think is obviously really cool too.”

The second year, apparently fundamentally blind to the multicultural reality of her university town, went on: 

“I always knew Hyde Park was, you know, ethnic. I used to walk across Woodhouse on the way to uni from JB last year so I knew the vibe. But I never expected this. One small shop, so many stories. 

“I was planning on doing some travelling when I graduate next year, but now I don’t think I’ll have to – I’ve seen it all! The best of the world’s rich cultural tapestry, all at the end of Queens Road.” 

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