Tokyo World Instagram story somehow longer than Tokyo World itself

A four-hour video of Sister Sledge’s one-hour set has dumbfounded scientists nationwide.

The very concept of time has undergone revision following one girl’s Instagram story at Tokyo World.

Many are aware that the amount of time spent on social media at an event is directly proportional to how bad it is. 20 year-old Jenny, from Redland, not only disregarded this rule, but used her prolific social media posting to defy modern physics’ understanding of time.

A four-hour video of Sister Sledge’s one-hour set has dumbfounded scientists nationwide. Researcher Thomas Spencer, a CERN researcher, has released a public statement this morning,

“This case is really quite extraordinary. Though I may consider myself quite unflummoxable, I am thoroughly flummoxed. We are continuing to investigate the implications of this breakthrough and attempting to comprehend the genius behind it”

The Whip met with Jenny to ask her about the notorious Instagram story.

“I just love Sister Sledge you know. Like, it’s not about people on social media seeing it, I don’t care about what other people think, I just want to remember it for myself, you know? Like, hey, remember that time I went to see Sister Sledge? And I do remember, because I have a video.”

With no breakthroughs currently in sight, the world holds its breath for what might be in store for Jenny, Sister Sledge, and the nation.

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