Hyde Park second year dreaming of accountancy career under pressure from parents to be DJ

“I developed tinnitus at the age of six and mum wept with pride.”

A student at the University of Leeds is dreaming of a career in the financial services sector despite the explicit direction of his parents to pursue a musical, creative path.

“It all started in freshers week,” says Thomas Kelly, 20.

“I walked past the Accounting Society stall at the freshers fair. I thought I’d ask them some questions because they were giving out those pens with the furry balls on the end.”

What began as some innocent questions to bag a freebie rapidly spiralled out of control. Tom soon found himself attending accounting events, ranging from drinks at Terrace to wild parties that Leeds Business School has since distanced itself from.

“People often ask me if I joined for the drugs and to impress girls, but that’s not the case. It’s just a passion for numbers. I’ve only ever cared about the numbers.”

But Tom’s newfound love for accounting has not come without a cost. His parents have begun to despair that he will not follow in his father’s footsteps and become a psytrance DJ.

“They’ve been taking me to Boomtown ever since I was yea high [gestures to his knee]. I developed tinnitus at the age of six and mum wept with pride, but since I’ve been at uni they’ve been only been disappointed in the decisions I’ve made.

“My dad found three different types of graphics calculator in my underwear drawer over summer and threatened to kicked me out.”

The second year is looking into a year in industry but is conflicted between working for Houghton with his father or following his dream of a summer internship at PwC.

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