Student back from year abroad ‘disappointed’ at progress of Fry Building

“I’m appalled and, quite frankly, a bit miffed.”

A Bristol University languages student has expressed her dismay at the ongoing construction of the Fry Building.

Returning from a year abroad in Naples, Grace Arlington had been unaware of the setbacks incurred on the building’s progress last year, and is furious it was not finished for her return.

The fourth year has taken action by decrying the incompetence of the University and starting a petition entitled, ‘A change has got to come’. Grace explained her feeling to The Whip earlier today.

“I knew about the strikes and the lack of pastoral care, but this really takes the bacon. The fact that the University can be so poorly organised that it can’t even finish the construction of a £33 million maths building on time is absurd. It’s like they’ve started again from the ground up for no good reason. I’m appalled and, quite frankly, a bit miffed.

“No, I don’t study Maths, but that doesn’t mean I can’t have an interest! If there’s anything my year abroad taught me, it’s that architecture is important. I mean, that’s not true, it taught me a lot more than that, especially about myself. I came back and realised just how much of a bubble Bristol actually is. Sometimes people just can’t see that. So yeah, I think architecture’s really important.”

The Fry building is set to finish its construction in 2023, but with 37 signatures on Grace’s petition, Grace is confident she will be able to hurry the project along.

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