the whip

Arts student says emotional farewell to lecturer after first lecture

The University of Bristol’s Arts and Humanities building
bore witness to truly heart-breaking scenes today as one student bid farewell
to her newly appointed lecturer. Michelle Edwin, 20, met the professor with a
warm and meaningful embrace at the end of the lecture, signifying her intention
to never return.

The Whip caught up
with the first year to discuss the rationale behind her actions. “It wasn’t a
decision I took lightly” explained the emotionally charged fresher, who made
sure to emphasise just how taxing a farewell of that magnitude can be on the

Later on, it was revealed that
the main motivation for the decision was grounded in the strain on individual
autonomy that making it to a lecture generates. “Free will is something that is
important to me. I refuse to jeopardise it, even if that means missing my 11am
lecture on a Monday” Ms. Edwin remarked passionately.

The dramatic farewell had a sobering effect on those
present, with many Arts students already struggling with the immense pressure
that comes with the mild responsibility of attending a few hours of university
per week.

“The unspoken understanding between the two parties was
readily apparent to any of us who were present at the time” claimed one of
Michelle’s fellow English students.

This is just one of many examples of students engaging in the battle for the protection of their autonomy by rejecting the timetable impressed upon them by the university. In an age where work will absorb your own time greater than a black hole absorbs light, perhaps it is a battle worth fighting.