LUU fan left disappointed at Varsity after chant he’d been working on all year fails to catch on

Second year Tom was left crestfallen yesterday after the chant he’d been devising for months failed to catch on at the men’s Varsity Rugby match. 

The medical student had reportedly spent most of freshers locked in his room, carefully crafting what he thought to be the perfect cheer for LUU fans. However, The Whip can confirm that – devastatingly – only Tom’s reluctant housemates joined in on the night. 

Tom’s friend Chloe gave an exclusive interview to discuss this tragedy.

“He’d been looking forward to this all year, I’m really gutted for him. He put so much thought into this. He was messaging the group chat all summer asking for things that rhyme with Beckett.”

We also caught up with Tom’s other housemate Sam for a quick chat. “I do feel kind of bad for him, but I’m also embarrassed that I had to stand near him and have anything to do with him whatsoever.”

At press
time, Tom had apparently found a new project, creating a theme song for the
Leeds summer ball.