First year wins minimalist design award for solitary Motion poster

“The pinnacle of complexity through simplicity.”

In this year’s iteration of the heated Van Der Rohe Award for Excellence in Minimalist Aesthetics, a Bristol University fresher has come first. It was announced today after critics deemed his room decoration of bare white wall and a single Motion calendar ‘inspired’.

A spokeswoman for the Awards described Churchill resident Harry McBride’s work as, “The pinnacle of complexity through simplicity. The exposed wall draws our eye to the accent piece, a hanging that speaks volumes of not only musical passion, but also who the man behind the poster really is.”

The Whip visited the award-winning room earlier this morning, “It was totally out of the blue.” Claimed the modest recipient, “I was unsure of how to tie the room together, and then I remembered the classic aphorism of Mr Van Der Rohe himself, ‘The Devil hates detail’ and it clicked.

“I recalled that I had the perfect centrepiece to bring my dream to life – a previously-unused Motion poster procured from the fresher’s fair.” McBride gave thanks to the organisers of the fair in his acceptance speech, citing their generosity in providing him with a focal point to juxtapose “the abject terror of the veritable void around us ”, and “a cracking night out.”

It is clear that the future is bright for this enterprising first year. McBride has already been commissioned by the Tate Modern to produce another piece of work, for which his rumoured vision is to place a sodden beer mat on the ground and a sock over a fire alarm.

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