Awkward! First year chatting to locals thinks ‘Gert Lush’ is Norwegian DJ

Freshers, as we all know, can be a tough time. A common
hurdle for many first year students is adapting to life in a new city far from
home. Bright lights, big buildings, it’s scary! We, at The Whip, get it.

One new UoB student, and aspiring bedroom Disc-Jockey, Tom
Masters tried to vault this hurdle this weekend by ingratiating himself with
the locals. However, regrettably, Masters fell at the first barrier, a language

In an interaction with local denizens, he mistook the
Bristolian phrase ‘Gert Lush’ for a tech-house Norwegian DJ. The first year
gave The Whip a rundown of his
Saturday night,

“Well, I’m into my music, so I decided to go to Stokes Croft to check out the scene down there. I was outside a club and overheard these guys chatting about how it was ‘Gert Lush in there.’ So I ask them, ‘Hey, is it Gert Lush tonight?’ And they were like, ‘Yeah, its Gert Lush alright.’

“’Wow – Gert Lush in Bristol’, I think, so I rattle off a few sub-genres at these guys, to see if they might be dudes I can party with. “Nu-Disco! Ski-tech! Fjordic-House!” I say – but they have no clue what I’m talking about. I thought they were total normies, posers, you know?

“It wasn’t until I got home and I looked for Gert’s Resident
Advisor Page that I realised three things: 1. Gert Lush must have changed his
DJ name; 2. He’s had such influence on the scene here that his name has slipped
into the local jargon; and 3. There are locals in Bristol!

“It’s embarrassing really, but I’d kind of assumed that this
place was just a campus? I thought John Cabot was maybe like a really strong
PhD candidate or something.”

After our chat, Masters said he would like to use this interview to advertise his new Arctic Jungle night, “Tranced x Alright me luvver” at The Crofters Rights next Wednesday.