Personal tutors to be replaced by Alexas in bid to strengthen emotional bond between students and staff

‘Alexa – I’m struggling to cope with my work/life balance”

In a bold yet effective move, the University of Leeds has enlisted the help of hundreds of Alexa-enabled Amazon Echoes in the place of living, breathing personal tutors. The Uni has purchased these devices in a bid to provide a more responsive and intimate service to students who need emotional and work-related support. The Whip caught up with third year Kasper Fausings, fresh after a session with his new and improved personal tutor. “It was great!”, exclaimed Kasper, lackadaisically leaning against the wall and humming to himself. “It was so nice to get everything off my chest and to have someone that really listened. “I never used to get anything out of my personal tutor sessions, but now I just say ‘Alexa – I’m struggling to cope with my work/life balance, my anxiety’s returned since summer and I’m miles behind on my diss’ and she calmly suggests I buy some Beta-Blockers and a Kindle. Thank you, Jeff Bezos!” Speaking to a spokesperson from the University of Leeds, The Whip has heard that the tutors themselves are delighted by the prospect of being unequivocally replaced by artificial intelligence. “Most of them [the tutors] didn’t even know they were personal tutors in the first place. Professors have even started petitioning to replace lectures with episodes of QI and that Explained thing off Netflix.” The Whip waits in anticipation to see what other pioneering technology the University will employ in the future.

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