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Student disappointed by lack of rides at careers fair

A real shame.

This year’s Investment Banking and Management Careers Fair saw one student left bitterly disappointed due to what she described as ‘a blatant case of false advertising’. Joanna Collins, a 3rd year Accounting and Finance student, left the event in question promptly after discovering that there was a resounding lack of rides in the vicinity.

“There were stalls like a normal fair, but instead of rides, there were just people in suits offering me pens” stated a bitterly dissatisfied Joanna.

“I come from a funfair family and, well, this is a personal insult to everything myself and my parents stand for” claimed the undergraduate, who later revealed how she had grown up travelling from town to town, running local circuses and amusement parks with her family in the process.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time she has been tricked into attending a ‘fraudulent fair’. Ms. Collins informed The Whip that she was ‘equally as outraged’ by the absence of traditional entertainment mechanisms at the Freshers Fair two weeks ago.

She described her experience with these types of day out as both a ‘blessing’ and a ‘curse’. It may have served as the foundation for her childhood, yet has proved a hindrance since she started university.

“I just fundamentally disagree with the application of the term fair when there isn’t a single amusement in sight”.

The consistent disappointment has compelled Joanna to create a petition that demands for stricter criteria, with the inclusion of at least one candy floss stall at any fair-titled events.

“I want fair naming when you’re fair naming. No excuses.”

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