Shy fresher finally reveals Siamese twin

“We just thought he was broad shouldered”

Earlier today, in a heartwarming tale, a first year overcame a phenomenal social obstacle by finally letting the world know who he really was. A Clifton Hill House denizen called Eric Cooper went four weeks of university before feeling comfortable enough to show his halls mates that he was, in fact, a conjoined twin.

The two Coopers strode down their corridor today with their heads held high, and cries of, “Hey guys, this is John” echoing off the walls around them. They were greeted with cheers, amazement, and further cries of, “Hey John, it’s nice to meet you!”

While the halls mates are reportedly delighted, many are nonetheless gobsmacked. “We just thought he was broad shouldered”, an agog corridor-mate told The Whip earlier.

“The signs were all there I suppose, I’d just never pieced it together: he’d always buy spirits in doubles, he went on about his love for Noah’s ark-themed singsongs, and, most of all, he’s damn good at reaching the top shelf.”

The Whip managed to also chat to the brothers themselves, who said, “Freshers can just be quite a tough time, and, to be honest, we were wracked with shyness.

“We weren’t sure how people would respond and wanted to get settled in first. It wasn’t easy, but there have been some benefits, we got loads of ‘2-4-1 deals’ from freshers’ fair, although we just call them ‘deals’.”

After such a triumph over their timidity, the Coopers are optimistic for the rest of university, hoping to excel academically and achieve a combined 2:1.

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