Student concerned with homelessness outraged that place to do drugs is being replaced with place to live

Not Happy.

From dark, dank and drug infused, to homely, bright and family friendly; Lakota, Stokes Croft’s beloved night time hot-spot, is set to be closed. Reports last week suggested that the owners are planning to renovate the club and turn it into affordable apartments.

However, the proposed transformation has angered Bristol’s student community. Regular attendees of the part-club part-cesspit have been left feeling betrayed that their right to weekly drug fuelled catharsis from their stressful degrees has been entirely overlooked.

One undergraduate in particular has overtly expressed her discontent with the planned change, labelling it ‘an attack on our culture’. 

Tabitha Heaton-Smith, a second year Liberal Arts student and member of the university’s ‘Help the Homeless Society’ claimed that this ‘wave of home building’ is ‘resoundingly damaging’ to the Bristol student lifestyle.

“I understand why one would think it’s probably not the worst idea in the world to convert a multi-level complex that people go to in order to ingest illegal, slave-farmed chemical produce into a building that can be used to home families. Especially in light of the current housing shortage.”

She continued “But at the same time, think of all the students who now have even less space to express themselves narcotically, like me. On balance, I think it’s a dreadful decision to close it down. I’m fuming. A lot of people are.”

She later went on to state that “I’ve always been described as a person with the weight of the worlds problems on my shoulders – I take social issues that affect our society seriously and spend time trying to solve them. But when they conflict with my own interests, like this whole ‘where can i do my drugs now’ pickle I’m in, I end up with my work cut out.”

Tabitha’s concerns with student culture issues is demonstrative of her astute understanding of issues that need serious attention in the city. It is clear to see her priorities are in order, as the altruistic student sets to combat the closure of our beloved club.

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