‘It’s not even art!’, Leeds Vegan Society hold dirty protest in front of campus bacon statue

“The statue has no artistic merit – and I should know, I’m a first year History of Art student”

The Whip was earlier today made aware of four tonnes of organic Alpaca dung dumped in front of the bacon statue outside the Social Sciences building. Reports emerging attribute this stunt to the Leeds Vegan Society, who are concerned with the so-called “carnivorisation of our campus”.

Speaking to Amber Willow, president of Leeds Vegan Society, The Whip learnt the motivations behind this bold faecal fuckery:

“Not only does the bacon statue have no artistic merit – and I should know, I’m a first year History of Art student – but it also represents the systematic oppression of vegans campus-wide.

“Everywhere we turn we’re confronted by monuments whose sole architectural purpose is to revere and idolise meat: Roger Stevens was a dirty meat-eater, The Edge looks exactly like a beef burger when viewed from above, and don’t even get me started on the west wing – it’s time to say enough is enough!”

In lieu of the recent UN IPCC report, the mass consumption of red meat is a controversial topic, but today the University has confirmed its zero tolerance stance against radical veganism. “We do not negotiate with vegans”, commented a spokesperson – steak slice in hand.

“This campus is a safe space and we need meat-eaters – a growing minority amongst UoL students – to know they are safe here to practice their beliefs.”

There has been great speculation regarding the artist’s genuine intention for the statue, with some suggesting it represents the sea, the duality of mind and body or even a brainwave. Whatever the motivation, The Whip is proud to have a homage on campus to the greatest hangover cure consumer capitalism has provided.

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