SU elections happening, by the way

This is just in case anyone didn’t know

Hey, so just popping by to update you. This is in case you don’t know, you could do, but in case you don’t, the Bristol SU elections are, in fact, currently happening. Maybe we’re crazy, but The Whip wanted to be sure that everyone definitely, definitely knew.

Call us paranoid, go on! Do it! This is just a public service announcement on the off chance that those pesky SU election notices had slipped under the radar. We’re not calling anyone disorganised, unaware or inattentive, woah, hey, woah – easy tiger. This is just in case anyone didn’t know.

It happens, it really does. That nagging feeling you get when you leave the house: you close the door behind you, but you know you’ve forgotten something… Your keys? No! You’ve got your keys in your hand, you klutz! But there’s something niggling away, like a tiny man on your shoulder gently prodding you…

This announcement is if, and only if, that tiny shoulder man is actually the Bristol Student Union elections. So here it is – they’re happening, bye bye tiny shoulder man.

Thank you for taking note of our by-the-by announcement, literally just keeping you in the loop. So have a nice day, happy electing, and don’t forget your keys!

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