Ryanair announce new flight route between Oxley and campus

The move could boost 9am Oxley attendance rates over the 30% mark.

Budget airline Ryanair has revealed that from 2019 a new flight will run from Oxley Residences to the Leeds University campus.

A spokesperson from the Uni explained the proposal aims to encourage more Oxley students to make the trip in, with experts excitedly predicting that the link could boost 9am Oxley attendance rates over the 30% mark.

The Whip met with current resident Joanna Granger to chat about the exciting new development. “Since I moved in, I felt like I’ve been in exile from the rest of the uni.

“I originally applied for Henry Price, so when I found myself stuck all the way out here it was tough to take. I’ve only been on campus three times so far, and two were for Fruity.”

“But this new airplane thing sounds like a lifesaver. I mean, it’s obviously a business decision that many have branded unwise, unneeded and desperate. But frankly, if there’s market demand for this kind of thing, it should go ahead.

“And boy oh boy is there demand. Like, without it, literally nobody would pay for Oxley – it’d be like living in a prison in a desert, both insanely boring and lonely, but also very, very isolated.”

“It’s only gonna make money and be popular. Shrewd business, Mr Ryanair. You win this round.” She concluded.

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