Terms ‘formative’ and ‘summative’ as clear as (very foggy) day

We think we’ve cracked it, but we might not have

With ‘summative’ and ‘formative’ essays being a point of much contention throughout the student body, year after year lecturers attempt to clarify the matter to some, little, or no avail.

Several of your summative assessments may or may not form the sum of your formative grades, or both, or not, as it has transpired today. A lecturer said on the matter, “Some of the four of your summative essays will form the sum of your formative grade – clear?”

The news comes at a time of significant confusion amongst students as to what exactly is expected of them. It is thought that students don’t have to do one of the two essays but must do both, or neither, or both and neither, or all of the above.

The Whip caught up with lecturer in law Robert Tuller, who said, “The University understands that there is significant pressure on students to perform well in examinations.

“We will endeavour to guide students as they complete one or none, four or two assessments that both will and will not impact their final grade.

“Though some students are still adapting, it is essential to do well in mid-sessional examinations, as first year may well potentially count, although it could, of course, perhaps, not at all.”

With most none the wiser, lecture turnout predictions have been drafted that are, suitably, painstakingly vague. A spokesperson for the university stated that faculties are expecting a turnout of around 1-100% or 0%, but possibly both.

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