Play sells out in seconds after profile picture changed

‘Tickets just started flying! A poll on the group chat about applying for Edinburgh Fringe was up in minutes!’

Exeter was left shocked this morning after the Guild website crashed under huge ticket demand for Guerilla Theatre’s latest production, ‘Bleak’.

Surprisingly, it wasn’t the original plot (‘think Romeo and Juliet but obvs, like, reimagined’)  that also saw queues outside Roborough at 9:15 on Friday, nor the bold council estate setting. 

Even highly original characterisation (‘everyone’s troubled and hardened, but for reasons nobody involved has quite deciphered’) cannot explain the unprecedented sales.

Instead, it was the entrepreneurial spirit of one fresh, Letitia Coombs-Morton, that made the difference. We caught up with her to find out more.

‘I knew from my sister – last year’s GT social sec – that weak marketing was the only thing stopping these productions from kicking off, because it obviously wasn’t the superb writing or the fascinating plots and themes.’

She says her epiphany came to her during a walk through Reed Hall gardens. After taking a quick selfie by a ‘really nice’ bit of old wall, Letitia and other cast members put their heads together, finally settling on a black and white filter to finish off what would quickly become a winning formula.

According to other cast members the icing on the cake, though, was Letitia’s honest brand of promotion in the caption, particularly ‘the bit about her being shit and just lucky to be there’ coupled with promises of ‘an insanely talented cast and such a talented production team’.

The reaction to her post Letitia says, was instant and uproarious. 

‘Tickets just started flying! A poll on the group chat about applying for Edinburgh Fringe was up in minutes, it was utterly amazing’. 

Ripples could even be felt outside of the inner circle of thesps. Please for DWB and Cucucachoo tickets on Overheard being replaced by bidding wars for ‘Bleak’ tickets. Despite the picture only garnering a tawdry 63 likes in comparison with an 80+ average, Letitia says she doesn’t mind- with a sale of 0.3 tickets per like, the sacrifice, she says, is worth it.

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