Child trick-or-treats in Wills Hall: receives trust fund, racehorse, and a Canary Island

She only wanted a few Celebrations.

This year’s Halloween was ‘Christmas come early’ for 10 year-old Lily Thompson, following a lucrative outing trick-or-treating in Bristol’s Stoke Bishop student village.

The fortuitous youngster reportedly started off in Churchill Hall, and found her bucket intended for sweets quickly filled with signet rings and an unearned sense of superiority.

She then briefly headed to Badock Hall, where she declined several offers of bumps and keys, but did reluctantly accept a few nose rings. Lily then headed to Will’s Hall, which proved the most successful by some way.

Some of the ‘treats’ she received included (but are not limited to) a thoroughbred racehorse, a trust fund worth over £800,000, a valet, a 3 month supply of epaulette polish, 6 ornamental ivory figurines, a Canary island, a fleet of Mercedes E-classes, an original Matisse and half a packet of rich tea biscuits.

The primary school student made one final stop, as she made her way home with her goodies, stopping in to trick or treat at Durdham Hall. However, after knocking on 8 different flats, she received no answer from any. Lily realised the denizens must have already been asleep, so she egged them and left.

Lily is reportedly ‘over the moon’ with her plethora of presents from Bristol students. The 10 year-old is planning on using the money received to fund a career as a DJ after developing a newfound love for Drum and Bass music, proving the success of her evening in not only material gain, but also cultural enlightenment.

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