Lecturer adds laugh track to Re/Play recording to cover deathly post-joke silence

Desperate times.

Branded a ‘radical’ by his contemporaries, Mechanical Engineering department member Dr. Stephen James has taken the unusual step of adding prerecorded laughter to his latest Re/Play upload after a number of attempts at humorous japes fell flat in a recent lecture.

Trying to strike up a rapport with his new students, Dr James unleashed several self-proclaimed ‘zingers’ in the Queen’s Building on Tuesday morning. However, those present in the lecture reported that not a single one of his bizarre quips were appreciated by those watching.

Although this will be a common experience for almost all Bristol teaching staff, Dr James was determined to not be tarred with the same brush as the other try-hard jokesters that inhabit the upper academic circles of the university.

In a self-proclaimed ‘light bulb’ moment, the revolutionary lecturer proceeded to spend 3 hours mixing and layering his own chuckles before adding them over the top of a Re/Play recording, editing out the gentle hum of cicadas in the process. The Whip caught up with Dr James to discuss his ground-breaking decision:

“They just don’t appreciate good humour when they hear it” the academic explained. “I can’t have listeners on Re/Play thinking my jokes are bad just because no one laughed, smiled or even exhaled lightly through their nose at them.” He concluded “I have a reputation to uphold.”

Tuesday’s actions come in the wake of yet another failed bid by the Engineering faculty to demonstrate their capability for basic human interaction. A number of students and staff have expressed their concern that Dr James’ behaviour will worsen the already dire relations between Engineering undergraduates and the rest of the university.

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