Takeshi’s Castle introduce ‘bikes in hallways’ section of course

Nigh on impossible.

Popular television game show ‘Takeshi’s Castle’ has introduced its most challenging obstacle yet for its upcoming season. Contestants are tasked with trying to open the front door when some utter pillock has placed an enormous bike in the way.

This simple, yet effective, challenge has left contestant after contestant stumped. The people’s reaction has so far been positive, however some have questioned whether the show has gone too far. Many are debating if the challenge is, in fact, conquerable.

Roman Kemp, host of Takeshi’s Castle, said in a public statement, “The show has needed livening up for some time now. It’s not enough for audiences to laugh at members of the Japanese populous in embarrassing predicaments and perpetuate their subconscious prejudices. We needed a greater challenge.

“Our ratings have soared, we’ve stolen a huge demographic from watching re-runs of Top Gear on Dave (the home of witty banter). The only thing that unites car people more than Clarkson being a ‘top bloke’ is how much they hate bikes.”

While the show has reached new heights in its viewings, the contestants seem less enthused. “It’s ridiculous”, one exasperated contestant revealed. “Like wading through treacle, except the treacle is a think sludge of bike chains, and believe me, it isn’t a sweet time. Forget the slippodome this is the real Mccoy.”

After the success of this venture, rumours have emerged that producers are currently working on a new obstacle entitled ‘angry flat mate’. This feature is thought to turn the heating off and on at absurd time intervals, and intermittently throw unwashed dishes at the contestants.

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