Law student procrastinates, completes entire Media degree

Admittedly impressive.

As deadlines draw ever closer, student procrastination levels are on the rise. This morning, law student Michelle Hurley approached us to report that she’d been awarded a BA in Media Studies during a particularly unproductive day in the library. The Whip caught up with the third year after her private graduation ceremony: “I was supposed to be getting started on my dissertation entitled ‘Smooth Criminals: Bald Men on Trial’ but I just couldn’t get myself motivated. I started doodling on my lecture notes to pass the time. “Before I knew it I’d completed the whole Introduction to Communication module, and then I just thought: in for a penny, in for a pound! Besides, my own degree was getting a bit heavy, and writing a whole Media dissertation was the light relief I needed.” This is not the first time a Leeds Student has unwittingly gained a Media Studies qualification. According to reports, an English student achieved a mid 2:1 in 2009 after tweeting ‘Harry Potter isn’t even that good #dumbleboring’. In 2011, Mike Mugg, a Leeds Maths student secured a First class Fine Art degree in his lunch hour. The head of department, Gwenevere Humboldt-Smythe, confirmed to The Whip that his piece had “made the entire faculty weep for an entire week”. Mike has recently launch his latest collection, in which he re-makes famous sculptures out of pipe-cleaners and by putting crisp packets in the oven so they shrink.  

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