12-week-old foetus secures second year house

Necessary measures.

The student house hunting season is well underway in Exeter, with only a worrying 9 months until tenancies begin. A mother-to-be recently contacted The Whip to express her delight at avoiding the rush and securing a second year house for her unborn child. 

We caught up with the smug mother to find out more.

“Ever since I saw my baby EGing in the womb at the scan I knew it’d be an Exeter type. And you can never be too early, so I took the precautions to make sure that my child can definitely live on Vic Street in their second year – great social life guaranteed! Exeter Uni class of 2040, watch out!”

Exeter is notorious for its early and chaotic house search, with some letting agencies making their housing lists available as early as October. Many reports suggest that Cardens are the main culprits for this stress-inducing rush, but The Whip has been assured by the agency that they are “a humble family-run business” that have “been in the Lucifer family for generations.”

There has been some outcry at Megan’s pre-emptive actions, such as from the disgruntled student Aaron Taylor-Chalmers, who had this to say:

“My main issue is this woman assigning her child’s university before its old enough to make a decision for themselves. It’s an outrage!” he commented. When asked about her actions regarding housing, he replied “oh no – that’s a great idea. It’s just the world we live in. Totally necessary.” 

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