Redland bedroom transformed into Moroccan paradise with just one stick of incense

Bonjour Casablanca!

This week, visitors to a student’s room in Redland have been left furiously double-checking their surroundings.  Dozens convinced that they had, unwittingly, been transported to the climes of the North-African Atlas Mountains. The secret of this grand illusion, according to first year Art History student Mary Kwan, is a single stick of incense.

Guests have noted that Kwan’s bedroom is a far cry from its former self, which was characterised by a constant grey hue, ‘that smell’, and distinctly English surroundings. Instead, many have reported an uncanny feeling that they might actually be in a Moroccan bazaar.

“It’s just such a change. As soon as I walk in, I smell the exotic scents of North Africa. I’m instantly transported overseas.” Said one would-be holidaymaker.

“It’s wonderful. The sand goes on forever. Miles and miles of open desert, sprawling heat, and dimly lit lamps shimmering up the minarets. I feel the sand between my toes, the sun kissing my cheeks and caressing my arms, and the wind in a sweet carnal embrace with the back of my neck. A dream, it’s simply a dream.

“It’s just a shame when you wake from this reverie, and you are greeted with crusty socks, tepid room temperature and a bit of damp.”

Kwan also accepted our request for an interview, however asked for it to be on her turf. The Whip has yet to visit this oasis, but is reluctant to, as many visitors have remained in Kwan’s room, suspended in some kind of trance-like bliss.

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