Student winner of £58 million Lotto jackpot ‘just shy’ of clearing overdraft

So close!

There were mixed emotions today for the first year university student who, despite winning this week’s £58 million Lotto jackpot, remains £72 short of clearing her overdraft.

It’s unclear exactly how the Exeter student, now named as Tilly Wharton, accumulated such a significant amount of debt, but she appears to have cost the Royal Bank of Scotland approximately 0.01% of their total assets. Global stock markets have been “shaken” by her behaviour. 

The Whip contacted Miss Wharton to comment on her lavish lifestyle. After arriving to our interview in her brand new Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe, she claimed to be unaware of the extent she was splashing out.

“At first I thought spending £2000 on a night out was fairly normal,” she claimed. “I was only buying a few kegs of Dom Pérignon each night… isn’t that what people do?”

Friends of Tilly, of which there seem to be countless, describe her as having a “wonderful personality” and specifically being “great fun on a night out”. 

It appears that much of her expenditure is the result of a worrying dependency on Voss water and Domino’s Pizza, and a staunch belief in her student overdraft as “free money”.

After becoming aware of the grim state of her finances, she began to buy lottery tickets. Yet, the source of much of Tilly’s debt remained unclear, until she was asked whether or not she felt lucky to have won such a huge sum of money.

“No!” she fumed. “After I realised how much debt I was in, I realised my only way out was to dig even deeper. So I bought 30 million lottery tickets. To be frank, I should’ve won more.”

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