Donald Trump cancels Forum visit due to rain

He was also spotted in Timepiece!

Students and staff alike were disappointed to discover yesterday that recent weather has forced a frustrated Donald Trump to cancel his visit to Exeter.

Scheduled to make an appearance at this year’s Ottery St Mary Tar Barrels event and the Forum, fans, Tab writers and hydrophobes were all devastated by his return to D.C. following severe rain.

Die-hard Trump fans’ faith seems to be wavering since the decision. The Whip spoke to Anthony Bassett, president of the Exeter University Trump Appreciation Society, to find out why.

Sporting a ‘Make America Great Again’ cap and a bumfluff moustache, Anthony bemoaned his erstwhile hero.

‘He’s just letting down all the people who put him where he is today. I can look past screaming at journalists and inappropriate behaviour with women, but to not show up because of a bit of rain is very upsetting for all of us here at EUTAS.’

Despite this disappointment, Anthony was not all doom and gloom: ‘This isn’t a biggie for me as I’m also the President of Deadly 60 Society and we are welcoming Steve Backshall here next week – pinch me, I’m dreaming!’

Mr. Trump came under similar scrutiny for cancelling a visit to a French cemetery on Remembrance Sunday, though keen observers have noted that Trump’s displeasure in Exeter was not just focussed on the weather.

Witnesses have also placed him at Timepiece on Wednesday night, where he was reported to be enjoying himself until the lights came on, at which point he stormed off for a doner kebab, no chilli sauce.

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