Student lies about everything but name on phone to mum

‘She now thinks I invented chicken madras and have converted to Scientology’

Every three weeks or so undergrads across Leeds suddenly remember their parents exist before retreating to their bedrooms for 15 minutes of familial chitchat.

Although most conversations contain a mix of half-truths and tales of exaggerated studiousness, local liar Jenny O’Driscoll somehow managed to say only one candid thing when speaking to her mother:

‘Hi mum, it’s Jen’.

The Whip was able to catch up with the serial fibber, who was in the midst of a four hour scamming session on Leeds Uni Tickets.

‘Believe it or not I wasn’t always this way. Before I came to uni, I would hardly ever lie to my parents, I was pretty honest as a kid.

‘But then I started telling the odd white lie. I’d say I’d washed my sheets or promise the McDonald’s Saver Menu wasn’t the basis for my entire diet. Then I found myself saying that I’d taken a book out over the course of the last term, which felt like one deception too far.

‘You can understand why I just couldn’t bring myself to tell her I’ve smoked a kilo of Amber Leaf since we last spoke.

‘The lies started snowballing and then bam, next thing you know she thinks I invented chicken madras and have converted to Scientology. In all honesty, I actually started to enjoy it by the end – that woman is just so gullible.

‘I’m thinking of moving onto bigger and better sins soon. Gluttony and pride both sound a laugh. Maybe I’ll eat an entire Roman-style banquet or declare myself a real life influencer. Frankly, nothing’s off the cards.’

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