Exeposé exposes nothing, reports confirm

No surprises there.

Exeposé, Exeter’s flagship publication, has for the last two months been subject to an intense enquiry into the authenticity of its promise to expose the latest scandals and report first on breaking news. The results of this investigation were released this morning, confirming the suspicions of the Exeter student body, and the world: Exeposé exposes nothing. 

The investigatory body presented their findings by drawing on one particular case study: the newspaper’s most recent front-page story ‘Pret a Manger merely a front for expensive food with no French connections whatsoever’.

This article, reportedly the culmination of six months undercover espionage research and billed as ‘striking the heart of modern consumerism’, serves as a prime example that Exeposé does little more than repeat – in print – what everyone already knows. 

When contacted by The Whip to ask whether anyone could ever mistake “Butternut squash & cauli gratin” for French cuisine, the chief editor of Exeposé simply remarked “C’est magnifique mais ce n’est pas du journalisme.”

This seemingly failure of journalistic integrity only adds to the growing disquiet over the reputation of Exeposé, following last month’s article on the “hidden store of books” and “amazing secret revision spot” located in the large space commonly known by students as the library.

Sam Walsingham, second year Hockey player, had this to say when interviewed by The Whip: “Quite frankly Exeposé has exposed literally nothing, every time I read an article I feel as though someone who has never been to Exeter wrote it.”

Whether or not Exeposé is able to move past these insurmountable failings is yet to be seen, and as such The Whip Exeter shall continue to keenly monitor Exeposé’s output.

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