BLS to replace judges wigs with cornrows for pro bono cases, in attempt to combat racism

Terribly, terribly misguided.

A beleaguered BLS president today attended a meeting held to put measures in place to combat the accusations of racism and sexism made against their society. 

In the course of the meeting, it was decided that BLS members were to replace their standard judicial wigs for cornrows in pro bono cases.

President William Swillsmith stated that the group “just wanted to make it more accessible” and that they would strive to be as “street” and “urban” as they could when representing the working class – or “plebs”, as Swillsmith chose to call them.

The accusations aimed at the group come in the wake of the 2017 incident in which leaked screenshots from a BLS group chat exposed racist comments made by the members.

Despite how abhorrent it was, the incident seems to be largely forgotten: “What event?” was the response from one second-year, whereas another stated “that actually happened? I read it in The Tab so assumed it was bollocks.”

According to Whip correspondents, however, the group have made it their mission to put things to right. As well as the cornrows, the social sec reportedly suggested “painting ourselves black,” apparently with absolutely no understanding of the gravity of this situation. 

Students known to be regular attendees Exeter’s ‘Move’ nightclub had a lot of praise for the idea. “I got cornrows on my gap year and they looked soooo sick. What’s the problem?” said James Asquith, a wide-eyed Move patron. He went on to state that he would “maybe join up” and that “he was thinking of doing a law conversion” – a promise which we are reliably told he will not keep.

Despite concerns, Swillsmith seemed satisfied, concluding the meeting as thus: “I hope that’s us all cleared up then, chaps, hopefully with this new cosmopolitan stride it will encourage our fathers to give us increasingly good roles in their firms.”

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