Student Finance hates him! This one quick trick saved thrifty teen £27,000 and still got him a job


Student Finance England do NOT want undergraduates to find out about this one cunning 18-year-old who managed to save himself almost £30,000, whilst STILL advancing his employment prospects!

This savvy saver did what many thought impossible: he didn’t go Uni!

In an exclusive interview with this debt-denying demigod (or just Matt Clay to his mates) The Whip was able to gain an insight into this revolutionary move:

“I’d finished sixth form and just felt uni wasn’t for me,” Matt revealed, welcoming our reporter into an immaculate, stylishly furnished studio flat. “And, anyway, I already knew I wanted to go into accountancy, so I found a local firm and they agreed to take me on a three year’s payed apprenticeship.

“I guess it’s a bit like uni, just without the debt, the damp basements and five kilogram bags of Aldi penne. And the best part is, I walk straight into a job at the end of it with a starting salary of 35k… How’s that for a grad  scheme?”

Speaking to some of Matt’s friends at the University of Leeds, we could gauge their take on the matter.

“I didn’t think not going to Uni was an option.” Explained Ella, a friend of Matt’s from home doing Geography and Business studies. “My course is shite, I never go to my lectures and even if I did, I wouldn’t have a clue what was going on. I’m basically paying 9 grand a year for a library pass.

“It’s ludicrous. Matt drove up to Leeds in his new beamer the other day and took a few of us out to Nando’s. Me and my flatmates, on the other hand, had just made the executive decision that the five-week-old potato in the back of the cupboard was too old to bake but not too old to boil or mash. Let’s not forget, we all chose to come here!”

The Whip understands the attraction to blindly walking into a degree because it’s seen as the ‘done thing’, but encouraged prospective students to at least think before plunging themselves into debilitating debt for the sake of social acceptance.

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