Le Coq Sportif HQ totally baffled as to why they’re the only 90s sports brand not going through vintage revival

Something that needs addressing.

With the continued popularity of vintage sportswear, reports from Le Coq Sportif suggest the French clothing and footwear company are dismayed to be left out of the athleisure revival currently taking place in the United Kingdom.

Tired of their trainers being worn alongside Voi jeans and Fred Perry polo shirts, a spokesperson for the brand spoke with The Whip about their desire for a change:

“I’m beyond angry. Every other brand is cool again, Fila, Champion, even Kappa… those bastards. But no, not for the humble Le Coq Sportif. With a name that means the athletic rooster, I really can’t see what’s not to like.”

When asked about why the brand’s renaissance is yet to take-off, the spokesperson told us, “We did our time like everybody else, year after year spent in the reduced section of Sports Direct, but new research indicates that people don’t want to wear us because of our logo.”

“Now many people are quick to criticise the beloved cock, but we feel that talons, laying eggs and having wings but not being able to fly sum up exactly what our brand is all about.”

Having sponsored such football teams as the mighty Tranmere Rovers and the legendary Scarborough side of the late 1990s, the incredible global reach of the Le Coq Sportif brand makes them long overdue for a vintage revival.

The spokesperson remained optimistic for the future:

“I hope that we manage to become trendy. I think we deserve to see our clothes from two decades ago reselling for 4 times what they were bought for on Depop – I think that’s the hallmark of a great clothing brand.”

While it remains to be seen whether Le Coq Sportif’s vintage heyday will ever arrive, it’s clear that the age of obscurely branded sporting goods is in full swing.

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