Third year revises so hard that ‘chilled study beats’ becomes actual music taste

It happens to the best of us.

A frazzled, revision-obsessed third year has made a stark revelation this week as he admitted to a drastic shift in his music streaming patterns. With two and a half years of half-hearted studying efforts under his proverbial belt, Politics and Sociology undergraduate Peter Costello unveiled his new-found musical passion: ‘chilled lo-fi beats to study and relax to’. “I’m big into my yoga and big into getting my Zen right. Plus, I’ve always been walking to the beat of my own drum!” Costello explained to The Whip. “I pitched up at uni all those years ago with a Spotify library full of Arctic Monkeys, Ben Howard and I’d even dipped my toe into a bit of DJ Hazard. Now, though, I’ve been mentally and spiritually enlightened, chilled revision music provides the rhythms I’m walking to!” He continued, “Spotify and YouTube have become my best friends now that my real, material friends are scattered across Europe year-abroading. Everyone else? They can’t stand me. “But there’s an almost indefinite supply of super-chilled out vibes so I can really get stuck into my reading.” Costello informed The Whip that it was only after experimenting with the sounds of Tchaikovsky and Mozart whilst studying that he settled on this new sound. This proves to be another increasingly common case of progressive connection between classical and lo-fi music, thus bridging a gap most music analysts believed to be largely improssible. The third year is currently looking for venues to host a night showcasing the student-friendly genre. More details are expected to follow soon.

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