‘Oh did you see the Dynasties episode on Louis Theroux when Peep Show was funny?’ says student, fitting in seamlessly

What niche yet accessible interests!

Since university provides many young people with their first taste of literal and intellectual freedom, it only makes sense that university is also a hub for cult fandom of “niche” yet completely mainstream phenomena.

Luckily for the coOl, raNdom and iRonic student masses, David Attenborough has recently announced a deep-dive into a Louis Theroux’s weird weekends episode on ‘when Peep Show was funny’. The doc will appear on both Netflix and Amazon Prime and each episode will be served with a virtual slice of Domino’s (stuffed crust) and a bottle of Buckfast. Pizza is so yum!

It has been said that when the episode is over, the rather funny faces of Louis and both of the Davids will merge into an awkward upper-middle-aged white man with obvious intellect and indeterminable sex-appeal. The meme will then go viral on Facebook, Instagram and BBM and will become the cover photo of sport society group chats nationwide – immediately. It is set to be ‘exceptionally taggable’.

The Whip got in touch with Bristol student Ellie McCloud, who is a complete and utter megafan of things her friends are also complete and utter megafans of.

“Ahhhhhhh nooooo. I’m done. I’m dead. I’m out. Finished. Deceased. SHOOK! These are ALL my favourite things to watch at once. Think of the over-sized graphic tees!!!!!”

When asked to name her favourite episode of any of the shows involved in the announced collaboration, McCloud seemed a little stumped.

“Ahhhh well like I haven’t actually seen any of the Louis Theroux show but I just know it’s sooo interesting. And Dynasties, I always watch with my flatmates but I don’t fully concentrate, but I LOVE penguins, you know what I mean? And then, yeah, Peep Show is so funny!! There’s this guy called Super Hans who people don’t really know about but he is jokes!’

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