First year attempting to navigate Main Library ends up in bookcase from Interstellar

Not again!

A disoriented fresher defied the boundaries of space and time in the library this Thursday night, after getting so lost on the way back to his desk he stumbled into the fifth-dimensional bookcase from Interstellar.

Leo Holmes, an Oak House resident, journeyed up Oxford Road, escaping the clamour of Owens Park cluster, to both start and finish a 2000 word essay due the next morning. His desperation turned to despair when, on the way back from his third cig break of the night, he took a wrong turn on Blue 2 and became trapped in Christopher Nolan’s tesseract.

With his essay submitted, The Whip caught up with a tired Leo for a blow-by-blow account of his altercation with the university’s archives.

“Mate, this library sends me under. I went up a different staircase to long out the walk back from smokers. I took a right, then a left, then through some fire doors, and the next thing I know I’m floating behind some bookcase.” In an attempt to describe the sensation, Leo explained, “You know 5am at afters when you forget who and where you are… it was something like that.”

He continued, “time wasn’t linear in there, so I had plenty of opportunity to do my assignment. I didn’t write a word, but I’ve done some thinking about it and concluded I probably should have gone to my lectures.” Luckily, Leo was rescued early this morning by some less-than-thrilled firefighters. Whilst they declined to comment, eyewitnesses report hearing angry mutterings about students, who should “get back in the real world”.

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