Student faces identity crisis after unending spree of themed house parties

Uh oh!

Themed house parties are often the highlight of any student’s week, and are seen as an opportunity to express oneself within the confines of someone else’s creativity. In fact, students have been known to spend hours searching for a costume which is the perfect cocktail of accurate, functional and fun.

Leeds University student Declan Drury, who attended nine themed house parties in one intense three week period, has suffered an unexpected side effect of all the fun: a complete and utter loss of his sense of self.

Declan’s concerned housemate, Hannah, contacted The Whip to explain what had happened.

“It all started last Sunday morning after a ‘Pimps n Hoes’ themed party the night before. I went downstairs to have my morning Weetabix and Nespresso and found Declan shouting ‘Ain’t nobody fuck with Papa Ds hoes’ at someone down the phone. I just assumed he was doing a funny bit – he wasn’t.”

Thankfully Declan’s housemates acted quickly to snap him out his crisis by showing him pictures of himself with a Fila jumper tied diagonally round his chest in Mint Warehouse, to remind him who he really is.

The Whip spoke to Declan to clarify exactly how this identity crisis came about.

“It was a particularly intense week. I had an ‘Under the Sea: BP Oil Spill’ party on Tuesday where I dressed as a crude oil covered gannet, then on Thursday it was ‘Presidents of Uruguay’ so obviously I went as Jose Mujica – he’s everyone’s favourite – then on Saturday it was ‘Pimps n Hoes’.

“I study theatre and performance and think of myself as somewhat of a method actor, so I really like to get stuck in to my roles. I think the quick turnaround was just a bit overwhelming for me and I forgot whether Declan was a character too! It’s difficult to go from dying seabird to liberal head of state to ruthless pimp in the space of a week. My wires were all crossed!”

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