BBC film in Wills because they ‘literally can’t work at home’


A group of BBC crew members have resorted to filming the first four episodes of a new TV series in Wills Memorial Building after convincing themselves they ‘literally can’t work at home’.

The Whip has been informed by a source that the drama, set to air in March 2019, was never meant to be filmed at the university’s most iconic edifice. But with Beacon House full up and no seats available in the ASS, the set was all but decided.

Members of the BBC West staff team were reportedly spotted rushing to Wills early in the morning in an attempt to save seats for directors and producers. “We don’t have any books or notes” explained one cameraman. “I just hope no one passive aggressively moves the three thousand pound boom pole I’ve laid across that table of 6. They should be here soon anyway.”

When more people arrived, we got chatting to a crew member to get the low down on the big decision:

“If I work at home it’s cold, so I have to work in bed. And if I work in bed, then I fall asleep” she recounted. “It’s not exactly the most productive cycle. Especially when you’re the show’s costume designer. I just end up with tonnes of pritt-stick on my face.”

We also managed to secure a short conversation with a member of the senior production team whilst the show went on lunch:

“We get so much more work done here, for sure” remarked Assistant Director James Marlon. “The only slightly annoying thing about leaving home to shoot in Wills is that the series we’re filming is set largely in suburban housing.”

He continued, “It’s been somewhat of a challenge and hugely costly to the production budget to recreate that cosy, ‘lived in’ feeling inside an enormous 19th century ceremonial hall. But we’d just get way too distracted if we stayed back at the flat.”

Image: Epigram, Cameron Scheijde 

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