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Adorable! Liberal Arts students arrive at library to study ‘subject’ for ‘exams’

look at them go!

Libraries nationwide were filled with choruses of ‘awws’ this week as Liberal Arts students across the United Kingdom entered their self-proclaimed ‘revision’ period.

The ‘degree’, a qualification to which that word is liberally applied, sees students complete the easiest modules from other Arts faculty courses and partake in a ceremonial examination at the end of each term. It is also customary for enrolled students to ‘study’ beforehand in line with traditional curricular protocol.

“It’s kind of sweet really” said one Law student at the University of Leeds. “Watching them arrive at the library at three in the afternoon and leave at five with a smile on their face. And it’s nice they let them do the ‘big exam’ thing at the end of it all. It must be really exciting for them!”

“More power to them” remarked an observer at Exeter University. “Apart from developing the ability to hold slightly above average dinner party conversation on a variety of topics, I don’t really understand what they can gain from their degree.”

She continued “Why would I waste time harbouring resentment towards people who are very imminently going to be shafted by the harsh capitalist reality they’ve been furiously critiquing for the past three years via an unnecessarily broad range of mediums? I say leave them be.”

Meanwhile in the South West, the University of Bristol is keen to capitalise on the positive effect Liberal Arts students seem to be having on the wider university community. “We were thinking of doing another one of those puppy and kitten therapy days in the middle of the January exam period” the Head of Student Welfare explained. “But now due to budget restrictions we might just put all the stressed out students in a room with these Liberal Art layabouts everyone seems to find super cute or whatever”.

“Apparently their ‘relaxed, open minded attitude’ can show students that there’s more to life than just caring about your degree. Or caring about anything for that matter.”


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