Eco-win! Environmentally conscious student brings water into exam in clear, unlabelled hands

Simple, sustainable, and fresh!

Earlier this morning, psychology student Faye McCarthur made waves with her game-changing life hack. Unlike these hoards of other exam schmucks who were either bringing plastic into the hall or going parched for hours, this third year came up with a 100% waste free, reusable, and cost effective solution.

Striding into her exam with water in one hand and water also in the other, McCarthur changed the single-use discourse of exam regulations forever. Eyewitnesses have described how the young pioneer as “a bit odd” and “wet”.

The student was eager to talk to The Whip about her praxis earlier today.

“It came to me in a fever dream. You know those nightmares where you’re in an exam in your underwear, your water bottle is covered in labels and it’s opaque? It was exactly that except all of the invigilators were chanting ‘No excuse for single use!’ at me and had fashioned a giant flag made of shawls and spare paper that they were swinging about like it was the French Revolution.

“Anyway, I woke up in a cold sweat, gasping. Then I looked down at my clammy hands and the idea struck me right between the eyes. I knew what I had to do.

“Did I make a bit of a mess? Sure. Was my paper soaked through causing all the ink to run so it was illegible? Yeah, okay. Did I short-circuit the dyslexic kid’s laptop because he had a plastic bottle? No comment, but the loser had it coming.

“But most importantly, did I start a revolution? Possibly, yes.”

McCarthur concluded the interview, smiled, gave a sloppy handshake and slithered away.

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