Student throws out dissertation because it fails to ‘spark joy’

A bold decision!

As the second semester of term begins many students are focusing on getting stuck into their final year projects. However, a third year has been reported to have completely destroyed her entire dissertation because it didn’t pass the Marie Kondo test.

Rather than revising for upcoming exams, the English Literature student binge-watched the hit Netflix series, and took to reorganising her moth-ridden room as a result. The Whip caught up with Emma Arnold to see how her efforts were coming along.

“I became totally obsessed after the first episode!” Emma chirped, “some people say it’s a complete waste of time and just another form of procrastination, but they fail to fully appreciate the cathartic effect of a well organised wardrobe. The only downfall is I’ve developed carpal tunnel syndrome from folding…I haven’t been able to write for weeks.

When prompted on throwing out her dissertation Emma had this to say: “I printed out the 3478 words I’d devoted the last two months of my life to writing and held them in my hands. I didn’t feel any joy. In fact, I didn’t feel a thing and realised I hadn’t for weeks!

“Marie Kondo has taught me to only keep items that I really want to take into my future and ‘Haunting Orientalism in Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland’ simply isn’t one of them.”

Emma continued, “I don’t need that materialistic burden anymore. The method is so simple: what makes me feel joy? My dissertation? No. My fourth pair of Fila Disruptors? Yes.

“My parents say they’re concerned and are coming up to visit. But I will pick them up, one at a time, say ‘thank you’ and move on with my life.”

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