“Hyde Park’s lovely in August”: student rationalises failing exams

Positivity in the face of adversity!

As the exam period draws to a close, students up and down Leeds are enjoying a deserved weekend off before the new semester welcomes them with open arms into an uncomfortably long and slightly suffocating embrace.

However, for many unfortunate students, the initial post-exam euphoria has quickly subsided and been replaced with the harsh reality of August retakes. For some it was a case of the wrong questions coming up, for others it was persistent yet low quality revision and in some particularly severe cases it was a heady cocktail of apathy, mediocrity and poor exam technique. Whatever the reasons, these students are united by the prospect of a summer’s return to LS6 to finally secure that much needed 40%.

While the prospect of retakes is undeniably unpleasant, English Literature third year, Emma Kingsley is insistent that August exams aren’t necessarily all bad and contacted The Whip to encourage students who may have to retake not to feel glum.

“I sat August resits in my first and second year and considering I sat one of my exams without having ever attended a lecture, seminar or done any of the reading, the odds are I’ll be back again in August!

“I’ve learnt to love August resits for many reasons, the actual exams themselves obviously not included. Firstly the libraries are empty! Edward Boyle is always rammed during January and June exams, but come August I can spread my shitty notes over multiple desks, and nobody bats an eyelid!

“Even better than that is how few distractions you have, mainly due to the intense loneliness of being alone in your house, but that just means more time to try new cuisines. Last year, I made the Blumenthal-esque move from green pesto to red pesto, so I’m excited to see what this summer holds.”

If you face the prospect of August resits The Whip recommends finding a personal project to fill the long lonely hours – Emma, for example, is making preparations to recreate The Passion of Christ using stop motion animation. Good luck, Em, but get revising.

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