English student relieved to have week off after four weeks off

A well-earned break

A second-year English student has been furiously sighing over the past few days, overwhelmed with relief. After an exhausting four weeks off, Gail Crisp and her English compatriots have earned a well-deserved reading week this week.

‘Phew!’ is how many students are responding: at last able to ease off the gas, switch gears, turn off the handbrake, and let this baby roll itself down the hill. Gail spoke to The Whip, giving some insight into her little slice of respite.

“I’m really quite knackered to be honest. I’m drained and something just had to give. The past few weeks I’ve turned to bringing an air mattress with me wherever I go, but I’m always too tired to blow it up so I tend to just wrap it around me like a rubber cocoon. Now, though, I’ll emerge from this reading week like a literate butterfly.

“It impresses me that the University have the wherewithal to plan a reading week for when we most need one rather than some absurd time like in the middle of a term – that’d stop us mid-flow! You know what gets stopped mid-flow? Sports matches. And sports and academia are really quite different.”

After this analogy, Gail unfortunately was too tired to say anything else, and proceeded to wrap herself in her uninflated air mattress. Despite her fatigue, however, she seemed to be enjoying her time off.

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