Student misses out on ski trip, looks forward to year of financial stability

Close call!

Ski trip ticket release day brings the chance for prospective and returning ‘Snowriders,’ to book their spot on the annual trip to ‘VT’.

It is always a highly competitive affair, and this year, the prospect of Après filled Instagram stories, the sweet taste of watered-down beer and Jägermeister for €15, and the repetitive soundtrack of Eurotrash proved as attractive as ever.

However, in an afternoon of furrowed brows and furious refreshing, one sanguine student emerged smiling from the ensuing carnage.

Second year Angelica Fairy had spent four hours hunched over her laptop, only to face rejection. Nevertheless, in spite of this failure, Angelica, not one to get down about such matters, appeared positively buoyant, The Whip can happily report.

“I mean, look at the silver lining,” she said, smugly scrolling through her banking app, face lit up by the balance total staring back at her, “I might even be able to afford some luxuries now, you know, turn the heating on, buy some double ply toilet roll… fuck it, I just spent £2.50 on a tub of Lurpak!”

Indeed, Angelica has begun to think beyond the immediate material benefits, questioning why on earth she had ever tried to get on the trip in the first place.

“It’s really changed my perspective, I mean, what was I thinking?  Why waste five hundred quid to spend half my time practicing the snowplough down nursery runs and the other half getting pissed off ludicrously expensive alcohol? I can do most of that here, for Christ’s sake.”

Angelica was unable to offer any more thoughts on the issue, dashing off to the boozer to celebrate this fortunate turn of events.

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