Lemmy attendee can’t wait to hear Robbie Williams’ Angels at Exeter Invades Motion

The naivety is touching!

A staunch frequenter of Saturday nights at the Lemon Grove has announced his delight at the opportunity to hear Robbie Williams’ Angels at the upcoming ‘Exeter Invades Motion’ event.

Fresher Richard Clyne was so enthused that he felt the need to contact us and, due to a slow January, we obliged an interview.

“It is gonna be so epic!” bleated Richard, who has never been with a woman. “I’m from the Isle of Wight and had never been clubbing before I came here, so the experience has been incredible. The first time I went to the Lemmy there were actually more staff than clubbers, but it allowed for a more personal experience.”

The Lemon Grove is renowned for, well, nothing, although a committed few still religiously endure Saturday nights there, with the playing of Robbie Williams’ 1997 hit synonymous with the turning on of the lights at the end of the night.

“I read about Motion online and it sounds really cool, I can’t wait to hear all my favourite tunes on the big sound system. I’m sure Angels will be queued up for the big finale, but I’m gonna go to the DJ and make a request just in case,” continued Richard.

“Nothing beats it; you rock up at 10, go in, dance to some wicked pop anthems, wrap it all up at about 2 and head out to get some cheesy chips. Bristol better watch out – it won’t know what hit it!”

The Whip hopes to catch up with what we expect will be a shell-shocked and ket-ravaged Richard after the event.

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