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PhD seminar leader desperate to prove he’s both down with the kids and better than you

Mixed messages?

Ask any student and they’ll tell you that your seminar tutor can make or break a module. Will they be approachable and well-versed; the grizzled veteran professor who would visibly rather be doing The Times cryptic crossword; or will they be the plucky but intellectually underqualified PhD student?

The big question for any of these teachers is how to get the most out of your students, and one PhD seminar tutor has contacted The Whip to explain his novel technique which he calls ‘The Patronising Peer Method’:

Barnaby Le Coq, seminar leader for the module ‘Brexit: What the actual fuck is going on?’ says that his teaching method ensures that to his students, he’s a friendly “peer” who can be “bantered with” but that after he “patronises them into submission” they “wouldn’t dare fuck with me.”

Le Coq explained, “I usually start by telling the group that I too enjoy the music of Drake, smoking rollies and not being able to afford property. And then throw in the occasional ‘fuck’ just for good measure.

“At this point I like to really let rip on the condescending comments just to remind them who’s in charge, something like; ‘they say there’s no such thing as a stupid question, but you lot look like you could be the exception’ before telling them all about my doctoral thesis despite no one asking.”

However, seminar member Polly Franklin is unsure as to whether this method of teaching is really that effective.

“I thought he was just like me! Another 90s kid who loves Game of Thrones and excessive use of social media, but when I asked him a question about the reading, he just looked at me, laughed, and then ordered the rest of the class to laugh at me. What a bellend.”

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