Starving your brain of oxygen or running into someone from performing arts: which Balloon Bar scares you more?

A real rock-and-hard-place scenario

Recent Bristol SU surveys suggest that the Balloon Bar is the ‘it’ venue for Bristol students. However, which ‘Balloon Bar’ this is is being hotly debated. One bar is where mildly talented narcissists chomp on falafel burgers whilst adding to their sketch comedy google doc casting spreadsheet. The other, a den where student partygoers get loose, bad and a little bit rad on a £3 Nos fix.

One is a hotbed for awkward interactions, embarrassment and avoided eye contact, and the other suspends motor control by depriving your brain of oxygen. The Whip got in touch with second-year DramSoc member Anthony Pickford – who is also a self-proclaimed lover of ‘boxes of cans with the lads’ on a Sunday night – to find out which is scarier.

“Before Uni I used to be a pretty nervous guy, possibly because of my closeted penchant for musical theatre. I never used to drink or go out much, but since coming to Bristol I’ve flourished creatively, socially, and egotistically. I am the first to the Balloon Bar at every Pegg Slot wrap party, and I’ve got two different dealers’ numbers on my Android for God’s sake!

“So to be honest Nos is water off a duck’s back for me mate. Sometimes my sides split with laughter even when it’s a regular balloon because of my relentless muscle memory.

“The morning after’s a right kick to the teeth though – I know the cast will be discussing my antics over a £5.25 ‘Full Monty’ at the SU. I am always (a) too bloody hungover and (b) too embarrassed to go. It’s just an awkward one mate. So, there’s my answer. I’d pick my favourite dissociative inhalant over a prangover, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.”

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