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‘I go every now and again’: student fails to use gym membership for 21st month in a row

“But it could come in handy!”

The Whip caught up this week with second year Geography student Tom Stanton who bemoaned to us that amongst his endless hours of socialising in the Library, forgettable nights out at Unit 1 and an over-reliance on Deliveroo, he simply does not have the time to stick to a healthy and active lifestyle.

Maintaining a healthy body and diet can be a struggle for many students in the face of ceaseless assignments and an insatiable need to get regularly shitfaced.

There are, of course, an abundance of gyms and fitness schemes in Exeter offering simple and manageable methods of keeping fit, but the staggering reality of this, however, is that over 65% of gym members have never actually set foot in the gym they subscribe to.

“It started out in Freshers week last year when they were offering a 30% off joining fee, so being the financially savvy man I am, took them up on the offer,” began Tom.

He continued to detail how he subsequently bought socks, shorts, hoodies, and trainers all for the purpose of looking good while exercising, whilst also plugging to our reporter his 10% off code for Gymshark (use ‘TOM12’ at checkout). “By the time I had everything I needed it was winter and I couldn’t really be arsed to wander there in the cold.”

Despite regularly informing his parents and friends that he was making active progress on his fitness, Tom has never seen the inside of Puregym. When pressed to tell us how long he had been a member of said establishment, a slightly embarrassed Tom confirmed he had been paying for access for almost two years with this being his 21st month.

“Every time I ring them to cancel my Direct Debit, I manage to increase my membership by another six months, I’m just in too deep now.”

For many students like Tom who aren’t using their gym memberships yet retain them, the hope is that someday they may start using it. We at The Whip can only hope that they commit.

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