Brave and adventurous first year on cultural expedition turns right off Oxford Road

Talk about being out of your comfort zone!

Five months into the academic year and with the magic of the Magic Bus all but vanished, an intrepid first year decided to escape the rat race this week by taking a right off Oxford Road.

Defying the mantra of ‘eat, sleep, 142 to uni, repeat’, Johanna Swift made the audacious decision in a bid to immerse herself in Manchester’s rich cultural heritage outside of the residential corridor, finding herself in charming suburbs such as Belle Vue, West Gorton, and Ardwick industrial estate.

To uncover more of the perilous journey, one of our reporters visited the undergraduate’s Park flat to find her flatmates sat cross-legged on the floor, spell-bound as she recounted tales of the unknown.

“The food was amazing. Extravagant cuisines from all over the world were on the shop shelves, I saw people of all different nations, it was just incredible! Anyway, once I left Morrison’s that’s when I really got down and dirty” Johanna giggled.

“I’m from Hertfordshire where we don’t have estates, so this was a brand new experience” She explained. “It’s fascinating to see how northerners really live, who they really are. Even though we have nothing in common, I felt a primitive sense of connection, like I know them and they know me. It really reminded me of this time in Burma on my ga-” At this point, our reporters steered the conversation back to East Manchester: “They live a less sophisticated life over there. Shouting is their preferred way of communicating, and maybe they don’t have toilets because I saw a lot of people pissing in the street.”

Before the interview ended, Ms. Swift confirmed that her journeying days are only just beginning:

“Some of my travelling idols are Amelia Earhart, Christopher McCandless, and Dora the Explorer. Between them they’ve inspired me to tackle my next huge navigational feat: getting that new 150 bus to the Trafford Centre.”

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