Driven Law student refers to dating as ‘emotional networking’

Makes sense.

Law students are no strangers to being career-driven. However, The Whip tracked down one this week, Jasper Bexford-Tate, who has taken this to a whole new level. Since the turn of the year, he now refers to dating as ‘emotional networking’.

When explaining his approach, Jasper said, “One of the first things that I ask anyone I date is, “what are your core values?” – that way I know if they’re a candidate of the required calibre. If we don’t share the same ethos and will to win, they clearly aren’t worth my time.”

“For example, a few weeks ago, when out with this girl, I brought up the topic of JP Morgan’s revenue from investment banking in 2018 [$6.9bn], versus that of their closest competitor, Goldman Sachs [$6.2bn]” he explained. “It became clear that she didn’t know anything about this topic and so I had to terminate the process.”

It is not only Jasper’s character that translates from the business world to the dating scene, but also his appearance.

“Treating dates like one-to-one, face-to-face networking events means I only ever dress in business formal. I once took a girl for food at an establishment described as a ‘casual dining venue’ – it was anything but, and while spilling nacho cheese on my T.M. Lewin shirt may have been embarrassing, I managed to guarantee that my outfit wasn’t upstaged by anyone.”

Believing it important to make connections that could help him in later life, Jasper told The Whip he has added every girl he has slept with whilst at university on LinkedIn.

While acknowledging the success of his approach, he admits that it is not entirely flawless:

“I guess my driven and ambitious character can prove too much for some girls, given that on a few occasions they’ve politely declined a second date by blocking me on Tinder, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. It doesn’t bother me though, time is something you invest rather than spend, and when your future is at stake, it’s important to not waste a minute.”

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