WineSoc renamed ‘Alcoholics Synonymous’

It’s not like they were fooling anyone.

Exeter Univeristy’s WineSoc announced yesterday that they would be rebranding to something “a little more reflective of their principles” and would henceforth be known as “Alcoholics Synonymous.”

The news came after a week of anxiety over claims from a few disgruntled members that Winesoc was “not actually a society based on wine tasting” and “more like an excuse for people to dress up and get shitfaced.”

WineSoc president Chad Williamson called these claims “bloody ridiculous,” but was at least able to concede “I suppose ‘I ♡ Sauvignon Blanc’ doesn’t have the buttery, rich texture we once thought.”

The Whip caught up with a foreign exchange Winesoc student, Gaston Rossit, previously based at the Université de Bordeaux’s wine society: “Le Société pour L’Appréciation des Vins Fins” to see what he made of the differences between the two societies.

“I hadn’t even heard of a wine that comes in a cardboard container until I came to this University,” admitted a visibly miffed Gaston. “The WineSoc members tried to convince me it was a vintage Barolo, but it was missing just a touch of nuttiness that gave it away as an Aldi White.”

Regular WineSoc events have also been rebranded to suit their new identity. Their infamous “Speed Dating” event has been renamed the ‘Chardonnay, Chinos and UpChucking’ and will take the form of a ‘themed dogging session’ to more clearly show what the event is based on.

The committee were also glad to announce a sponsorship by the Devon-based “Daddy’s Hand-Me-Downs” Tweed company, who were being single-handedly propped up by WineSoc members.

The Guild have welcomed this rebranding, with a representative stating that “at least they’re finally being honest with themselves; hopefully this is a segue to them getting some help.”

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